~ Climbing in the Dolomites - Vie ferrate in the Catinaccio area ~

The area around the Catinaccio is a paradise for climbers and mountaineers

The area around King Laurin's legendary Catinaccio mountains and the world of the petrified dolls of the Latemar is a paradise for ambitious climbers and hikers.
Following in the footsteps of famous climbers like Stabeler and Santner, Dimai and Villgrattner, qualified guides will lead you along the excellent climbing walls of the Catinaccio mountains and the Vajolet towers.
Whether you choose an easy or a hard climb for sure you will feel well satisfied at the end. In addition to the climbing routes you'll find hiking trails of all levels of difficulty in the surrounding mountains.

Information on alpine matters
Weather and avalanche forecasts: (+39) 0471 27 11 77
Country emergency call center 112
Alpine emergency signal: make a visual or audible signal six times per minute with intervals of 10 seconds between each signal. Leave a break of one minute before repeating the sequence. The response consists of three signals within a minute at regular intervals.

Via ferrata Denti di Terrarossa
Height difference: 218 m
Time: 2.30 h
Maximilian climb to the Roterd Point and across the Denti di Terrarossa

After the narrow ravine between the Large and the Eastern Dento di Terrarossa, you follow stone steps to an opening with a wonderful view over the Alpe di Siusi before heading left up the summit to the formation's highest point (2630 m). The twisting, turning fixed-cable climb begins after the crossing of the high flat of the Sciliar at the western back of the Roterd Point, and ends with the ascent to the large Dento di Terrarossa(2653 m)

Via ferrata Passo Santner
Height difference: 218 m
Time: 2.30 h
Starting point:
Aleardo Fronza refuge (formerly Kölner cabin - 2339 m). After approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours, you reach the Santner cabin (2734 m).

After approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours, you reach the Santner cabin (2734 m). Either on the way there or on the way back, you cross climbing path No. 542 over the Gartl cabin to the Vajolet cabin, then further to paths No. 541 and No. 550 over the Coronelle mountain pass back to the Aleardo Fronza refuge.
Marking: No. 542 s
Degree of difficulty: medium to advanced, only with climbing equipment.
Via ferrata Roda di Vael
Starting point: Paolina cabin (2125 m)
Variant: Descent to the Aleardo refuge (secured climb) or below the Finestra tower, continuation of the Masarè climbing path and then back to the Paolina cabin.

Marking: No. 539
Degree of difficulty: Medium, only with proper equipment.
Via ferrata Masarè
Starting point: Aleardo Fronza cabin (2280 m). This climbing route is south of the via ferrata Roda di Vael, and leads to the Aleardo Fronza cabin in the direction of Finestra tower up to Masarè point, (2585 m), followed by a descent to the Aleardo Fronza cabin.

Degree of difficulty: medium, only with proper equipment.
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