~ Mountain biking in the Dolomites - Downhills and Single Trails ~

Mountain bike enthusiasts can explore many tours for all abilities in the Dolomites

Crossing the Dolomites - starting in Tires, through the Costalunga mountain pass, around the Catinaccio mountains, the Duron Valley, the Sella pass, the Alpe di Siusi,Castelrotto, the Pond of Fiè and then back to Tires. Sensational!

In the lower areas the biking season starts as early as the beginning of April. In higher regions the biking trails can be used from the end of May. Forest trails lead from a height of 300 meters up to 2.200 meters. The demanding biker will find so many trails mixing exciting downhills with strenuous trials.

Tour suggestions:
NEW 2017!

- Carezza Bike practice park at the mountain station of the cable car Nova Levante (Welschnofen)
- Rental of e-bikes directly in the hotel (10 € half-day, 15 € for the whole day).
- Weekly (on Mondays and Thursdays) guided E-bike tours with mountain bike guide.

Carezza Bike Trail

Start at the mountain station of the Nova Levante (Welschnofen) cable car. Length approx. 4.5 km, altitude difference 500 meters. The destination is the valley station of the cable car in Nova Levante.

Alpe di Siusi Bike Tour
The impressive round tour runs diagonally the Alpe di Siusi. Start at the cable car in the direction of Malga Molignon (Mahlknecht Schwaige), continue to Rifugio Molignon (Mahlknecht hut) and to Saltria. From there back to the starting point. With the nearby Dolomite peaks Sassolungo, Sasso piatto, Marmolada and the Sella group as well as numerous mountain huts the tour is ideal for all bikers.
From Tires to the pond of Fiè
The objective of mountain biking has always been get off-road and cycle on the most beautiful mountains.

Hiking-path description:
A similar biking tour leads from Tires to the pond of Fiè. This tour is also recommended for beginners and offers stunning panorama views. On hot summer days you can also take a dip in the pond of Fiè which is located at the foot of the Sciliar. Starting in the eastern part of Tires, the tour goes along the gravel road No. 4 to Völsegg. At the wayside cross, bikers will enter the steep track No. 6 to reach the Schönblick inn. From there, a winding forest track leads to Umes and then continues on tracks to reach the picturesque pond near the village Fiè. After a short ride around the pond, the bikers continue via Tuff alp and Alpe di Tires back to Umes and the Schneiderlefarm. Turning to the left, the trail continues to the Schönblick inn and to Völsegg and then descends to Tires.
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