~ Hiking and mountaineering in the Dolomites in the Catinaccio area ~

Enjoy endless hiking possibilities - Hiking is healthy and a special pleasure in the holiday region Sciliar - Catinaccio

In South Tyrol hiking is a real pleasure during every season and at every altitude.
High mountain peaks, climbing paths, vineyards, nature parks, pastures and hiking-trails are waiting for you to be explored! Experience the fascination of the mountains and discover the treasures of nature. Enjoy the spectacular and manifold landscapes of South Tyrol and the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere
The unique scenery of the Dolomites is in the background of the charming mountain village Tires (1028 m) with S. Cipriano and Weisslahnbad. Far away from noise, traffic jam and mass tourism you can observe mountain goats or golden eagles and perceive some Edelweiss and Mountain Orchids. You can enjoy walking tours and escape the daily stress.
The Hotel Weisslahnbad in Tires is an ideal starting point for hiking or climbing tours, especially within the Catinaccio and Sciliar region, as well as in the Dolomites. Beginners or advanced hikers and climbers, everybody finds "her/his" path or "her/his" mountain peak.
A shuttle bustakes you several times a week safely through the area, so that you have the opportunity to discover every single corner.
A variety of vehicles take you effortless to the top.

Some hiking proposals:
"Over the Passo delle Coronelle to the Rifugio Bergamo (Grasleiten)"
Long walk along the Catinaccio massif

Hiking path description: Take the bus to the Frommer Alm and then the Laurin-chairlift to the Kölner hut/ Rifugio Fronza. Ascent along path no. 550 to Passo delle Coronelle (Tschagerjoch), continue to Vajolet hut and over the Passo del Principe (Grasleitenpass) down to the Rifugio Bergamo (Grasleiten hut). On trail no. 3 through the valley Ciamin (Tschamintal) you will return directly to the hotel. About 6 hours of walking.
Hike S. Cipriano - Orsara - Refuge Bolzano
A steep slope through an impressively mountain landscape to the Sciliar plateau. A scenic, well laid out path, running across bridges at certain points.

Hiking-path description:
Hikers need strength and endurance to overcome a long and rampant slope.

Path No. 2 (start: car park Weisslahnbad) leads steeply up through the forest into a beautiful mountain-world, passing by a water source in a characteristic cavern. The so-called "bear-trap" is a very steep canyon, leading up to the Tschafatsch-saddle situated on an altitude of 2069m. It it is advisable to start the hike in the earlier morning hours in order to avoid the mid-day sun.
From the Tschafatsch-saddle, path No. 2 passes by the San Cassiano chapel and reaches the refuge Bolzano (2457m), where you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view.
Hike to the Tuff Alp cabin and the refuge Hofer alp
A super hiking tour for every age and every season.

Hiking-path description:
From the pond of Fi a beautiful path leads through the forest, passing by the Huber pond to reach the Tuff Alp, which is located at an altitude of 1274 m.

Alternative: Although longer, the path from the Tuff Alp to the Hofer alp is more rewarding. One follows the hiking-path Nr.1. After crossing the river of Fi, the Hofer alp is only half an hour walk away. From there one has also the possibility to continue to the village Umes.
Hike to the Monte Cavone and to the Völsegg peak
Starting from Weisslahnbad the hike leads to Monte Cavone and then continues to the Völsegg peak. On the return path you walk through the forest back to Weisslahnbad and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the beautiful mountains Catinaccio and Latemar.

Hiking-path description:
Starting from the Dolomitenhotel Weisslahnbad the tour leads along the main road and after some hundred meters the way continues on the gravel path "Forstweg Wuhn".

One reaches the meadows of the Wuhnleger and a small pond. On the surface of the water the mountain range of the Catinaccio is reflected. Right above the small pond the hiking-path N.4 commences. Walk along this path and shortly afterwards at a wayside cross you have the choice to continue on a steeper, more difficult gravel path or to choose a more comfortable hiking path.
The latter one is slightly longer, but offers impressive sightseeing spots of the Tires valley. After a while the path finally reaches a wide green saddle where the refuge Tschafon (1738) is located.
Haniger Schwaige
Hike for families

The Haniger Schwaige is located in the Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park. It can be reached from the hairpin bend no. 8 on street Niger/Nigra between San Cipriano and the Nigerjoch/Passo Nigra on the hiking trail no. 7 in about 60 minutes or from the free parking / bus stop at the Passo Nigra on trail number 1 and 7 in about 2 hours. It can be also reaches directly from the Hotel Weisslahnbad on trail number 12 and 7 in about 2.5-3 hours.
Easy hike to the Wuhnleger
Walk with buggy

Hiking-path description:
Start directly from the hotel. The hiking trail number 4 takes you to the Wuhnleger, from where you can enjoy a fabulous view of Rosengarten and Latemar.

Height difference: 200 m
Time: 1,5 hours
Path: Path Nr. 4
Specials: Legendary view on the Catinaccio and the Latemar.

Through the Ciamin valley to the Alpe di Tires on the Alpe di Siusi

Hiking-path description:
The hiking trail no. 3 leads directly into the wild and romantic Ciamin valley (Tschamintal). After about 2.5 hours you reach a crossroad, where you walk on the left through the so-called Buco dell’Orso (Bärenloch). After another 1.5 hours, you will reach the Rifugio Alpe di Tires (Tierser Alpl). Descent over the Alpe di Siusi to Compatsch (2 hours circa) where you take the funicular to Siusi and the bus back to the hotel.
Hike to the alpine pastures Hofer Alpl and the Tuffalm

Hiking-path description:
Hiking path description: From the bus stop in Ums (accessible by bus 176, start directly from the hotel), walk on the hiking trail no. 3 to the alpine pasture Hofer Alpl and then on the trail no. 1 to the alp Tuffalm. Descent to the Lake Völser Weiher and then via Fiè di Sopra (Obervöls) to the bus stop in Fiè (Völs), where you return with the bus 176 to the hotel. Walking time approx. 3.5 hours
To the “Schönblick” guest house

Hiking-path description:
Starting from the hotel on the hiking trail number 6 you reach after approx. 1.5 hours the mountain guest house Schönblick in Aica di Fiè (Völser Aicha).
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