~ The Weisslahnbad water - Spa Hotel with own water spring in Tires ~

The Hotel Weisslahnbad has its own spring which is said to have a healing and soothing effect

The Dolomitenhotel Weisslahnbad has a own spring, which fed already in the 18th century a bathhouse. The source springs with a water temperature of 6.8 degrees about 350 meters above the current hotel location.
The Weisslahnbad water shows a content of minerals, trace elements and other components and is referred by its chemical composition as acidulous and as slightly mineralized. It has a strong magnesium and calcium content, which is caused by the presence of carbon dioxide and thus favored solubility for minerals, especially for calcium and dolomite. Furthermore, the water has a content of natural radioactivity which is harmless and is used medicinally for the treatment of skin and nerve diseases.
The swimming pool in the Hotel Weisslahnbad in the Catinaccio mountains is of course fed by this water spring. Immerse yourself in our pool and experience the soothing effect of the mountain water for body and mind.
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